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ERC Grant Translators At War (TranslAtWar)


par Christine Lombez

Focussing on World War 2, a pivotal moment in 20th century European history, the TranslAtWar research project aims to investigate how literary translation can contribute to the understanding of History in the making and reciprocally. It is about questioning the circulation of ideologies, ideas and culture through translation, and equally taking a close interest in the role of the agents of these circulations, both male and female translators, during wartime. We will also investigate the impact that the practice of translation in such exceptional historical circumstances had on the intellectual and cultural development of several countries, and what it is likely to have contributed to their position (central or peripheral) in the world of European literature.

Taking advantage of long-standing international partnerships and expertise in eight European countries, this innovative project aims to write a new page of European history through the lens of literary translation during the war.

À propos de l'auteur

Christine Lombez

Professeur de Littérature comparée, Membre senior honoraire de l’Institut Universitaire de France

PI (Principal Investigator) du programme ERC Advanced Grant « TranslAtWar »

Histoire et théories de la traduction, poésie et traduction, politique et traduction, traductions en temps de guerre

Voir en ligne : https://translatwar-erc.eu

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